Aug 29

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Friday Finds of the Week – Volume 2


This week has been a quiet one in the tech world. A lot of what I read in the tech news was related to product launch dates and opinions about Uber playing a dirty game (no surprises there).

I’d say that the industry overall is in a quiet period, yes we may be waiting for Apples new products on September 9 but besides that there’s not much to look forward to. Zoom out even more and it feels like we are in a weird space where new and exciting companies are still in stealth mode. I mean the most ‘exciting’ space right now is messaging… do me a favour.

If I look at the industry when I started out in web design we had companies like Twitter and Facebook who were just starting but we all knew that they were going to change the world in a similar way to Google had. Right now I don’t see that equivalent, not with the scope and potential that the social revolution had.

Yes there are wearables and the Uber-of-X companies but how many of these new tech companies have the ability to appeal to the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich in the same way Google or Facebook did? I’m open to suggestions.

What does that have to do with cool links?

You’re right, nothing, so here’s the stuff I did find interesting and worth sharing:

Jason tells us about Press75

Jason Schuller, the founder of the legendary theme company Press75 shares his trials and tribulations during his time at the company. Having founded it in mid-2008 Press75 quickly exploded into a revenue generating machine but as the years went on Jason found himself disheartened by the industry as a whole and eventually sold to WerkPress. Read more detail about his experience here:

A Brief History of a WordPress Theme Business

Envato has some new badges

It’s no secret that Obox loves the icon game. We’ve spoken about it a number of times on the blog and our main site is full of custom designed sets. Recently Envato decided to re-look at their community badges and what they’ve come out with is something quite special. Read about the process in the post below:

New Look Community Badges

The quality of Mediums CSS

We really admire the level of design quality on the blogging/writing site Medium. Even a text underline has been refined and thought of to a level that you wouldn’t imagine. In a recent post on their site, ‘fat’ takes a deep dive into why their CSS is so good. It’s a great read with a cup of coffee in hand:

Mediums CSS is actually pretty fucking good

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