Sep 05

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Friday Finds of the Week – Volume 3

This is slowly turning into our favourite post of the week. Sharing things of value make us happy. Enjoy this weeks golden nuggets of information.


Our favourite UX blog

These days UX designers are a dime a dozen but few have ever been in a room where actual user testing is involved (more on this next week). That is not the case with Rian van der Merwe, the author of the Elezea blog. He shares deep thoughts on the intricacies of user testing.

The Elezea Blog

New Virgin America Site

I love a few things about the new Virgin America site. First of which is its ‘do one thing at a time’ booking experience. Second is how they showcase the new features of their website. Top class.

Virgin America’s new look

Designing a Windows Phone App

A fascinating read about designing your first app for Windows and the unbelievable challenges that go with it. When was the last time you measured design elements in inches? Exactly.

Windows Phone App Development

Obox is on Flipboard

We are massive Flipboard fans at Obox so we thought ‘hey why not create our own magazine?’… So we did and here it is:

Obox Magazine

Amazing Sketch Tips

Having just made the official switch from Fireworks (RIP my friend, you will be sorely missed) to Sketch I have been on the look out for valuable starter resources. The tips provided by DesignCode in the link below are invaluable. Read it.

Learn Sketch 3

The quirks of smallness

A little coffee shop was under threat from Starbucks when the coffee giant started sprouting stores around every Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in town. The result? A massive uptick in sales for the little guy, find out why in this awesome article by The Atlantic.

The Quirks of Smallness

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