Sep 12

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Friday Finds of the Week – Volume 4

Content wise it's been a quiet week however we haven't been standing still. Here are the best links that we've found that are worth sharing.


Prototyping with Pixate – amazing interface

Marc and I are currently working on an iOS interface for a revolutionary health company, so we’ve been dusting off our mobile design skills over the last few weeks. One of the great discoveries during that time has been Pixate – an app which allows you to mock up designs quickly and in great detail.

I also love how they’ve used voice over videos to showcase the power of their app. It’s a really smart and practical way of showing off your creation.


Analyzing the new Apple Typeface

Having just committed to Roboto for our new WordPress project, it’s been interesting to read about how Apple has tackled the ‘typeface for tiny screens’ problem on the Apple Watch. On a very simple level their new typeface seems like a more refined and rounded version of the Robot family that Google has been developing.

What the font

The best design interface I’ve used?

Having discovered Readymag relatively recently I have been keeping an eye on their evolution as an online magazine & presentation builder. Frankly their interface design is one of the best I’ve used and even though I have no need to create an online mag I always find myself going back to their site to have poke around. It really is so well thought out and easy to use.


Remember Gary Vaynerchuk?

The first time Marc and I saw a Gary Vee video we were taken on a long journey which eventually led us to the creation of Obox. One of his videos about advertising is probably the clearest turning point in the history of our company.

We used to eat his videos for breakfast but at some point he wondered off to do other things (like grow his media agency etc) and the production of videos slowed to a crawl.

Happily he’s back with his new online show, Ask Gary Vee, and it’s really really good. I have no doubt that you’ll find value in the content he’s posted up to now.

Ask Gary Vee

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