Sep 19

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Friday Finds of the Week – Volume 5

Interesting week in the tech world. Alibaba is about to IPO, iPhone 6 reviews are in (spoiler: the Plus is big and both versions are ‘amazing’), the best WP blog goes paid-subscriptions and Obox pisses people off a bit.


That being said, here are much more interesting links we found this week:

In the trenches of eCommerce

There is a common perception amongst people that running an eCommerce store is easy. You read about the success of the big boys such as Amazon but it’s rare that you hear about the companies that have to fight tooth and nail for every say.

We recently shared some of our learnings with you about selling digital products and it’s been our most popular series to date. In the post below “oneafrikan” shares some lessons on running in ecommerce store in London. It’s well worth a read:

What I’ve learnt from the trenches of startup eCommerce in London

Being first does not mean you’re going to win

With the launch of a bigger-screen iPhone 6, I am in the camp which thinks that Samsung is going to face an uphill battle to retain it’s “most popular phone” title. The Verge wrote a great piece on exactly this topic which illustrates how launching first is often not what leads to the ultimate victory:

The for the Galaxy S6 is now

Codrops just keep delivering quality

I envy the people who run the Codrops blog. I wish we had the capability to come up with the huge array of website interaction examples that they do. This week we’ve been playing around with a theme which has an Off Canvas Menu and that led us to these great examples:

Off Canvas Menu Effects

You got a Dashboard?

Below is a fascinating article about the common UX fails of dashboards. I particularly like law #4 which is in line with our post about user experience design. If you’re an interface designer or a product owner which plans on having a ‘logged in’ area for your customers then I highly recommend having a look at this post:

The laws of Shitty Dashboards

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